2017 GCP S.T.E.A.M. Expo

May 15th


Fulai Hall
Mingyuan Building 2F


Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Mathematics.

S.T.E.A.M. is a scholastic method to learn the techniques of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. It is a way of learning that cultivates students’ critical thinking skills as they pursue their academic and personal interests. The goal of S.T.E.A.M. is to provide an educational and unrestrictive environment for students to take risks, problem-solve, collaborate, and work through the creative process.

S.T.E.A.M. adopts a holistic approach to develop students’ potential to succeed. Students are exposed to various experiential learning techniques that encourage inquiry, innovation, and reflection.
The theme of S.T.E.A.M. EXPO is Play, Innovate, Create, which reflects our philosophy and approach to learning. Learning should be fun, innovative, and creative. Moreover, the goal of learning is not only self-devlopment, but also to be able to solve the complex problems of our world.


Students learn best when they are having fun. Through play, students develop the necessary motor, social, and analytical skills. In the Play section, visitors will be able to take part and play the games that our students have created. For example, the Grade 9 class has created board games for the visually impaired.


The many challenges we face today require innovative solutions that can respond to local needs. For the Innovate section, students have built and designed products and processes that enhance the interaction between human and technology. Examples include 3D printed glasses, electricity generating wall model, and other innovations that require students to evaluate and work creatively in both the digital and non-digital environment.


Thinking outside of the box is indispensable in today’s world. Looking at old problems in a new way, coming up with different approaches, and creating new products are essential for solving the challenges of the 21st century. In some sense, to be human is to create. In the Create section, our students have created different visual art exhibits including dress designs. As visitors walk through these exhibits, we encourage our visitors to reflect (and relax!) about the state of our world today.


Principal Albert T. Wang
Space Colonization in Outer-space Undeveloped Territory
Presented by the NASA team
Student Project Screenings
Fab Lab / Bio Lab / Planetarium Tour
Model X Runway
ConverXation: S.T.E.A.M. Careers
Presented by GCP Class of 2017
Closing Remarks
Director Michael Wen


Floor Plan

Floor Plan
"FUN" is a game for people who are visually impaired. The 9th grade were split into eight groups and each designed their own board game. All eight groups will present the board game to the audience.
  • Level Up
  • Fight for the Crown
  • Monarch in Rush

FUN is a game for people who are visually impaired. 9th grade were split into eight groups and each designed their own board game. All eight groups will present the board game to the audience.

  • Wiki-Monarch
  • Game 5 Seconds
  • Brief Introduction of Board Games
  • Middle Age Classes

The limited human experiences in our lives are somehow a collective inspiration to us senior artists. Throughout the years in Mingdao, we all challenged ourselves to try out different ways to express ourselves and react towards the environment we all live in. In each one of our artworks, we present our own unique characteristics via the experiences that we had and transform these ideas into a Fantasia.

  • Frozen
  • Reflect
  • New York
  • Hidden
  • Lock
  • One Out of Many
  • To the Horizon

The Nature Enchanted is a collection of works featuring students from 10th to 11th grade. In the Nature Enchanted, you will find yourself lost in an animal wonderland. You will know different stories from different places and styles. Learn artist ideas conveyed through various mediums.

  • Artwork
    • Ferris Wheel
    • Waterfall
    • Dolphin
    • Seahorse
    • The Heart Matters the Most
  • Installation
    • Think Outside the Cage
    • Iris

Vis-à-vis means face to face in French. We want our audience to look at our artworks face to face. The photograph ranges from different topics and content. There are nothing to hide, but you have to discover the elements inside. The booth contains 12 photos covering various topics.

  • Fashion Tech
  • How We Live
  • The Train from the Sky

Soigné means dressed very elegantly and well-groomed in French. The Soigné booth mainly presents fashion themed projects including dress designs, fashion sketches, and projects from HK Art Trip 2017. The dresses will also be presented in the fashion show — Model X.

  • Fashion Related Artwork
    • Fox
    • Fashion Sketches
    • Dolphin
    • Seahorse
    • The Heart Matters the Most
  • Model X Designers' Garments
    • Childhood Memory
    • Pool Party
    • Neferet Reina
    • Halation
    • Above the Clouds
    • Lantern
    • Emotion Armor
    • The Faerie
    • HK Art Trip 2017 Chailie Ho Workshop Mannequins Display

Cavendish was an experimental scientist who discovered hydrogen, the chemical composition of water, and the density of the Earth. In this booth named after him, students show their learning in science through intellectual inquiries.

  • Different Chemical Effects on Melting Ice
  • Fruit Peel Detergent
  • Radius of Parachute
  • Observe Erthrocyte in Liquid with Different Concentrations
  • Testing Water for Hardness
  • Testing Water for Microorganisms
  • Testing Water for pH & Conductivity
  • Testing Water for Turbidity and Chlorine

Carl Friedrich Gauss, the foremost of mathematicians, contributed significantly to mathematics but also to many fields in science. Similar to Gauss, students proposed various ideas to solve problems with their science and mathematics knowledge.

  • The Environment and Us Poster, Climate Change Refugee housing Models
  • Best plants to provide maximum oxygen
  • Planting in Taiwan
  • The Beauty of Patterns x2
  • Using Sequences and Series to Understand Climate Change x2

Acting like future Edisons, students design and create products to meet human needs with aesthetic elements.

  • Beauty Bins x2
  • Customized Glasses
  • Sculptures in the Air
  • Poker for the Visually Impaired
  • The 21st Century Classrooms x2

Tesla’s invention of alternating current motor has fostered industrialization. In the Booth of Tesla, students exhibit their models that show their understanding of electricity and magnetism.

  • Creating a Hot Pack that Releases Maximum Heat Energy
  • Electromagnetism in Transportation
  • Lemon Battery
  • Understand the Concepts Behind Batteries Using Sports Drinks
  • VR Plus
  • Application of Thermoelectric Generators
  • Fungi contamination in coffee
  • DIY hydraulic arm (backup)
  • iGEM